Introduction to the NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity Standard for Drilling and Well Operations

Chapters 1-4

Learning Objectives

To enhance drilling and well operations professional’s awareness of the two-well barrier concepts in relation to the minimum functional and performance requirements for well barriers through the life cycle of a well by providing:  


An understanding of the basic concepts of well integrity and explanations of key terminology relating to drilling and well operations  


Awareness of how additional NORSOK standards, NOROG guidelines, ISO and API standards contribute to the D-010 standard


Knowledge of the core symbols, abbreviations, and meanings within the D-010 standard  

Who Should Attend?

Drilling and completion, well testing, well intervention and production operations personnel working in the design, construction, operations, servicing, and abandonment phases of both onshore and offshore wells.

Course Outline

The course topics include: 

  • Introduction to what D-010 is 
  • A roadmap to understanding the standard effectively and applying learnings in your role  
  • Definitions within the standard  
  • Well barrier schematics and well barrier elements 
  • The mandatory “shall” requirements and “should” guideline rules

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: 

  • Differentiate between well barriers versus well barrier elements to understand what the mandatory “shall” requirements are versus the “should” requirements.  
  • Manoeuvre between the various thematic chapters efficiently and understand them effectively.  

This module is a prerequisite to additional D-010 well integrity courses offered by the Add Energy Academy. 

Course Structure

A free online course

This introductory course is a free on-demand e-learning program.

Delivered by experts

The course content is presented in video format, in English and is delivered by Terje Løkke-Sørensen, a seasoned well integrity expert and co-author of the D-010 well integrity standard.  

Verified learning

3 separate quizzes form part of the course structure to measure the learner’s comprehension of the presented topics, as well as the delegates ability to use D-010 for problem solving.  


Upon completion of all learning modules within this course and achieving a score of 80% or more during the verification of learning, a certificate of completion will be issued.

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Please note that course delegates must have access to the NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity Standard; 2021 (revision 5) to be able to answer quiz questions and complete the problem-solving tasks effectively.  

The standard is available to purchase here: Well integrity in drilling and well operations |