Learning Objectives

This course will allow students to develop an understanding of:

  • Content and terminology in a relief well plan
  • Industry standards and recommended practices
  • Relief well site selection process
  • Downhole ranging and survey analysis
  • Intersection strategies
  • Dynamic kill operations
  • Blowout and kill simulations

Who Should Attend?

  • Drilling & completion engineers
  • Managers in oil & gas operator companies
  • Emergency response/incident command personnel
  • Regulatory and government officials
  • Other personnel involved in drilling and completion, well testing, well intervention and production operations personnel working in the design, construction, operations, servicing, and abandonment phases of both onshore and offshore wells

Course Outline

This course covers the following topics: 

  • Relief well surface sites
  • Relief well targets
  • Relief well construction
  • Blowout and kill hydraulics

Have a clear understanding of what makes a good relief well plan. What tasks should be included in the planning process and how to meet all the design objectives.

Course Structure

The course is an on-demand e-learning course. 

To measure the learner’s comprehension of the presented topics, this course is inclusive of verification of learning through: 

  • Surveys 
  • Problem solving tasks 
  • Multiple choice examination

Course certificate 

Learning is verified through examination. A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course.

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